Thai Amulet Yantra Elephant Riding Palad Khik Lp' Suae Thai Mini Brass Talisman Blessed for Life Buddha Amulet Pendant with Necklace

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Features and technical details

Yantra Elephant Riding Palad Khik Lp' Suae Mini Brass Talisman Amulet Blessed For Life Pendant With Necklace Free Gift Dimension Size of Tiger : 1.0 cm. x 4.0 cm. (Approx.) / Material : Brass & Mixed Materials This is yantra magic tiger amulet.This tiger is the amulet for protection of dangerous and harmful thing.Magician Monk in PrajuabKeereekan of Thailand created and blessed this amulet for using as Life Protection Amulet. This is a gorgeous amulet pendant from Thailand.Thai people believe that the image of Panther is extremely powerful in making the owner safe from any harmful thing. It also keeps away bad or evil spirits. Product of Thailand and Shipped via Thailand Post in Thailand.
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