Brita Marella 2,4 L. - incl. 6 water filters

€32.98 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

With a water filtration jug, you can easily and quickly get water that tastes better, is healthier and protects your capsule machine. Unfiltered tap water is often very chalky, which not only affects the taste of the water but is also wearing on capsule machines.A water filtration jug like this BRITA Marella is a good way to get around the problems you see with chalky water. The BRITA Marella jug filters not only lime, but also other sediments such as sand and metals from the tap’s pipe system. With a water filtration jug you get water that is not only clearer and tastes better than water directly from the tap, but is also healthier for you and your whole family.As a capsule machine owner, you will quickly discover that with filtered water you get a cleaner and better coffee taste. In addition to brewing a more delicate coffee, filtered water also helps the machine works better, and extends its life by not caking its internal components in limescale.There are many gains to be made by f
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