Steinberg WiFi Weather Station - outdoor sensor - indoor sensor

€159.00 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

With the WiFi weather station you can collect weather data via an outdoor station which are recorded on a straightforward console and can be evaluated with the help of an app. This gives you countless opportunities to analyse your weather data in real time. The set also includes an indoor sensor that provides information about the indoor climate. The outdoor sensor is connected to the wireless weather station by radio and gathers data on the temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed and direction, brightness, and UV radiation. The collected data is regularly synchronised with the WiFi weather station every 16 seconds. The digital weather station has a range of up to 100 m so you can always place it optimally in your garden or on the factory premises. All data are forwarded to an app via the WiFi connection, allowing you to monitor the measured data at all times. Data reconciliation takes place in real time, meaning the values in the app are always current and can provide information about the weather situation even at short notice. The app allows you to monitor the weather in your garden even when you're away on a trip. The indoor sensor also allows you to monitor the indoor climate. Here too, the data on temperature, humidity and air pressure are sent to the console of the wireless weather station, which forwards them to the app. The indoor and outdoor sensors are both powered by batteries, and the outdoor station is additionally powered by a solar cell.
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