Laced Records - Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Original Soundtrack) 3LP

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Zavvi - The Home of Pop Culture It’s Round 3 for Capcom and Laced Records’ Street Fighter Alpha series, as we present the complete Street Fighter Alpha 3 soundtrack on vinyl.  The Alpha 3 music team comprised Takayuki Iwai, Yuki Iwai, Isao Abe (aka Oyaji), Hideki Okugawa, and Tetsuya Shibata. Working with the CP System II hardware and QSound system, the composers delivered a more contemporary, crunchy, and techno-led soundtrack in contrast to its predecessors.  All music has been specially mastered for vinyl by Joe Caithness, and tracks will be pressed onto audiophile-quality, heavyweight 180g discs. Comic book illustrator Andie Tong returns with stunning sleeve art. The Standard Edition sports traditional black discs. LPs come in printed inner sleeves, all housed in a widespined outer sleeve. Track Listing Disc 1 - Side A: Nobody Blink (Opening Title) Triumph (Ranking Display) Who'll Be Your Double? (Character Select) Beginning (Story Demo 1) The Road (Ryu's Theme) Active Red (Ken's Theme) Resolution (Chun-Li's Theme) Performance (Dan's Theme) Proof Of Divinity (Adon's Theme) Side B: Shining One (Sagat's Theme) Behind You (Birdie's Theme) Feel The Cool (Akuma's Theme) Fatal Depth (M. Bison's Theme) Way To The Glory (Winning/Versus) Decisive Bout (Charlie's Theme) Disc 2 - Side A: No More Swingin' (Guy's Theme) Tower Of SHOGUN (Sodom's Theme) Doll Eyes (Cammy's Theme) Heavy Swell (Zangief's Theme) Praying (Dhalsim's Theme) Simple Rating (Karin's Theme) Side B: Prepare (Here Comes a New Challenger!) Gimmick (Rolento's Theme) Stripes (Cody's Theme) KAKUGO (Sodom's Theme - X-ISM) Mach-Smasher (E. Honda's Theme) Scala (Rose's Theme) Crimson (Vega's Theme) Disc 3 - Side A: Untamable Fists (Balrog's Theme) I'll Be Brief (Story Demo 2) Prismatic Stars (R. Mika's Theme) Breeze (Sakura's Theme) Wild Nature (Blanka's Theme) Moments (Gen's Theme) Groan (Shin Akuma's Theme) Side B: High-Tech (Juli & Juni's Theme) Seek No Escape (Final Round Theme) Black Power (Evil Ryu's Theme) Last Duel (Story Demo 3) Brave Or Grave (Final M. Bison Theme) Daybreak (Ending & Staff Roll) Rise Again (Continue) Zero Time (Game Over) Narration Collection
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