PrettyLittleThing A Very 90S Murder Mystery Game

€31.99 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Someone's been murdered Oh snap! Before you start totally buggin', make sure you get the 411 to solve this mystery. Transport your guests back to the 90s as you host an awesome murder mystery night. Will you take a chill pill and uncover the killer, or will you end up talking tot he hand The murder mystery takes place at a gala in Hollywood with the biggest celebrities of the era, to celebrate all things 90's! Gift Republic recommend hosting your 90's murder mystery night over an appropriately themed dinner. If you don't plan to serve food, make sure that you have a table ready for setting up the game. Specifics: Suitable for 5-12 players Game play 1-2 hours Included in the box: Host instructions 12x Character biography cards 12x Reaction cards 12x Round 1 clue cards 12x Crime scene props 10 FBI report cards 1x Accusation notepad 1x Notepad Solution cards Awards for best and worst actors
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