Mitac MIO MiVue C570 Full HD Dash Cam - Black, Black

€131.71 - €146.98 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

With Full HD camera and wide-angle lens, the Mio MiVue C570 Full HD Dash Cam captures plenty of detail, day or night, including important signs and number plates. GPS records your speed and location as you drive which can be useful in the event of a claim. It will also alert you if you're driving too fast or when there are safety cameras ahead, giving you the chance to adjust your speed.Designed with safety in mind, the G sensor protects footage from being overwritten if there's a sudden change of motion or collision - vital information in the event of an accident.Parking Mode keeps watch when you're not in your car. The camera will activate if it detects movement near the front of the vehicle, so you'll get the footage you need, even if you're not around._________________________________________Please note: Parking Mode requires the MiVue Smartbox for charging (available separately).
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