SIGG Stainless Steel Food Jar Gemstone, Obsidian / 0.75l

€49.80 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Metal Food Jar Gemstone “Meal Prep” is the hot new food trend that’s getting kitchens steaming around the world. Cook and take your own food with you – instead of eating out with expensive and often unhealthy food. The Food Jar made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel is a new development based on the excellent insulating properties of the Gemstone collection. As you can eat directly from the Food Jar, you’re free to enjoy more time at lunch. The 0.5-liter version allows you to take complete menus with you to work – or a big and healthy mixed salad. The 0.5-liter Obsidian Food Jar is as resistant and durable as stone and timeless like a gem. Product details BPA FREE: All ingredients are BPA-Free.  FOOD SAFE: This SIGG product has been produced with materials that are food safe. HOT AND COLD:  This SIGG product has insulation properties. It keeps the content hot and cold for the duration indicated. LEAK PROOF:  This bottle SIGG bottle is totally leak proof. EASY CLEANING:  Thanks to its design and characteristics, you can clean your SIGG product very easily.  SPOON AND FORK:  A fork and spoon are already at hand with the cutlery DOUBLE-WALLED 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL:  Like all other SIGG vacuum products, the Gemstone collection is double-walled with both inside and outside bodies as well as a vacuum space between them. Gemstone products are copper coated on the inside. This guarantees insulation that is among the best you can get in an insulated bottle. 30% LIGHTER THAN STANDARD BOTTLES:  The flasks and food jars have an ultra-thin inside body which is made using a special spinning technology which is why it weighs 30% less. Thanks to high-precision welding, the vacuum gap inside the bottle has been reduced to a minimum. This results in a smaller bottle size compared to standard bottles with identical content. GROOVES FOR ENHANCED STABILITY:  The embossed lines increase the structural strength of the products, making the already solid outer wall even more resistant to deformation. Materials Stainless Steel Measures:  Size Height: Ø: Weight: 0.5l 14.2 cm 9.8 cm 390 gr 0.75l 18.4 cm 9.8 cm 446 gr About SIGG The history of SIGG started back in 1908, when Ferdinand Sigg, together with his friend Xaver Küng, founded a factory of aluminum production in the city of Biel in Switzerland. Sigg and Küng combined their love of metal and their faith in aluminum as the material of the future. SIGG's refillable, lightweight, and environmentally friendly beverage bottles have been manufactured in Switzerland for over a hundred years under strict quality control. Each classic bottle is made of one aluminum component, so there are no seams that could leak in the finished product. Aluminum is a very durable and light material. Thanks to SIGG's patented and flexible EcoCare® inner coating, you can put carbonated drinks in your SIGG bottle without detaching anything from the aluminum. The inner surface doesn't collect odors or flavors, and the bottle is easy to keep...
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