Smeg KLF04PBUK 50's Style Variable Temperature Kettle Pastel Blue

€172.50 - €206.98 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

An ideal choice for those who are passionate about tea and coffee, the Smeg KLF04 Kettle boasts a new variable temperature control feature that lets you bring out the best in your beverages.Different hot drinks should be paired with water at the right temperature, for example, green and white teas are best made with water at about 70°C-80°C, while coffee should be between 91°C and 96°C. With a range of 7 temperature settings to choose from, the KLF04 is well equipped to brew all your favourites to perfection.As for its design, this Italian kettle boasts a stainless steel body with a smooth finish and chrome detailing. Other impressive features include a soft-opening lid, 360-degree swivel base and removable filter.
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